Friday, June 08, 2007

8 Things

Kathy Weller tagged me! And as she was, I too am honored..its so fun when people actually want to know something about me? little ol' me??

Eight Things You Never Asked To Know About Me...

1) People who put stuffed animals in the back car window - DRIVE ME CRAZY...its not a window for you to display things's a CAR window..whats next blinds?? hahaha

2) I love cartoons. I still watch them all the time...Smurfs, Snorks, i even like new ones. Like I caught this cartoon when i was home sick one day - i LOVED it, it was all historical figures going through and having adventures..wish they had this when i was in school, i probably would have done a lot better in history class. oh well.

3) I wish I knew more about politics and was more interested in them so that I would be able to converse more intelligently about them..but for some reason even though i wish this - i get very VERY bored when i try to watch..if only they had them in cartoon form...

4) I keep telling my fiance that I want to wait a years (at least 4-5) before we have kids cause i sure as heck dont want to grow up, i love our life together and i dont want anything to change. But whenever someone else is talking about it or doing it - i am insanely jealous.

5) I just searched the internet for 15 mintues trying to find the name of that history cartoon...cause i want to type it in #3 and also i would like to see when they show the cartoon..i dont even remember what channel it was though.

6) I have never lived with friends or gone to spring break or driven across country or any of that kind of crazy stuff..i kinda wish every now and then that i had.

7) I am a photographer and package designer for a toy company and recently I have become one of the prototype painters now and i love it so much...coming in and painting for most of the day is so awesome...watching movies, relaxing and doing is great..i am very lucky.

8) I do not like to go on vacations usually...i never like being away from home for too long..I guess i really like our house...we went to hawaii and after 2 days i was like ok this was nice can we go now? same thing when we went ot barbados and the Dominican Rep. so i figured i was just not a "vacation" person. HOWEVER we went to Star Wars Celebration 4 last week...and I had the time of my life and I did NOT want to leave after a week!! it was a new thing for me to not want ot go home...SO i think i just dont like the laying around kind of vacations...i get very bored...Convention vacations are fun cause you are constantly busy..and it does help that i love star wars and it was all star wars...For work we go to a lot of conventions...but not working one is sooo fun.

Do I tag people now?

Tina Vaziri

Katie Mcdee


Tina Vaziri said...

Thanks for the Tag!! I will surely do it :D

Kathy Weller said...

How fun!!! Thanks so much for sharing Nicole! You're a riot. I really want to go to Hawaii!!

Sparkyfirepants said...

I'm honored by your tagging! Here's my 8 Things post:

Paige Keiser said...

Awesome list! I hate 'vacations' too.

Paige Keiser said...

And I never did Spring break either...but I was in a rock and roll band in college--which made up for it ;-)