Thursday, November 13, 2008

501st TK Project

I am taking part in the 501st's TK Project!

"The TK Project is a charity event for the Make A Wish Foundation. The 501st Stormtooper Legion is inviting our Honorary Members, Friends Of the Legion and a few 501st troopers to create one of a kind Stormtrooper helmets. This project is similar to the Vader Project that Lucasfilm has done."

They send me a life size prop replica stormtrooper helmet and I paint on it! :D

Later it'll be auctioned through make-a-wish..and it *might* be involved with Star Wars Celebration 5! Which would rock my socks.

Im very, very excited about it - scroll down on the page and you will see me!

501st TK Project

If you're feeling generous this holiday season, the 501st is looking for sponsors for funds to help ship the helmets to the artists, and leftover funds will be donated to Make A Wish. If you wanna help out, head over to for info. Any person or business that donates will be added to the website as a sponsor.

*in other news I am currently working on cards for another upcoming trading card set - TOPPS Star Wars Galaxy Set..They haven't done a Galaxy set in like 13 years or something. Yeay!

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jennifer said...

that so awesome! you're my famous friend. lol. i can't wait to see it!!