Thursday, March 13, 2008

ATC traded cards

I am on a couple sites (like MondayArtday ATC) where some online friends and I trade cards, they come up with a theme and we draw cards and send 'em in to each other.. its great for drawing some fun characters and the ATC size is totally fun, plus you get someone else's beautiful art! Here are some that I have sent in, in the past..


Designs by CK said...

Nicole ~ LOVE the Joker one!

ALL are great!

Art swaps are always SO much fun.

Spooky Chris '-)

Kate said...

Oh how fun! These are great! The recipient(s) was very lucky.

Designs by CK said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :)

Spooky Chris

Designs by CK said...

Nicole ~ Hope you and your family have a much BLESSED Easter!

Chris :-D)

sketched out said...

These are terrific! What a fun idea. I'd love to start doing something like that, once things get a little less busy around here.

Nice, very nice.

steve said...

Awesome cards! I happen to proudly own the little droid card--excellent!